Erik Rhodes

Magician and overall great guy with many skills and useless talents that his kids are no longer impressed with.

Erik won't just impress you with his close-up card magic. He'll amaze you. Dazzle you. Confuse you. And make you laugh - unless you're his friend Emily. She just doesn't care.

Some people scream. Some run away. Others just stare. A few get spooked (rest assured, Erik promises he's probably not supernatural). But no matter what, they're always entertained.

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Make your wedding day experience even better! A great magician doesn't just do magic tricks. A great magician creates an energy that causes more interactions between guests. A great magician can keep a party going. A great magician will be the perfect addition to the wedding.

Erik can be this great magician for you.

Private Events and Corporate Parties

Hosting a party and need more entertainment? Want to loosen up people at a corporate event? Need your gutters cleaned?

Erik can help with 2 of those things.

There's almost nothing more fun and memorable than having your mind blown by a skilled magician. They create excitement and contagious energy that provides the perfect atmosphere for parties.

NOTE: Erik does not typically perform while wearing a top hat, despite the stereotype. It was New Year's Eve


Erik was such a hit at our Wine Club Pick-Up party.  Everyone was so amazed at his tricks, and they did not repeat.  He left everyone astounded. From a coordinator standpoint, he was very thorough and professional... What a great time!!!

Aaron Leikam

Event Coordinator at Sokol Blosser

Be prepared to have your mind blown and have a wonderful time with Erik. If you’re into magic he is the guy for you. I have seen him entertain a whole crowd of people with his magic skills, and every time people are left with jaws dropping with his unbelievable work!

Shelly Yeager

Bartender at Tualation Station

Erik did a fantastic job performing magic at our wine club pickup parties! Everyone loved the tricks he did. It fit in perfectly with the event, and we're looking forward to having him back again!

Brandon Harlarcher

Event coordinator at Blakeslee Vineyard

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